Keeping healthy as a gamer, computer programmer, or someone with a desk job

Fatality is a noob for endorsing unhealthy foodsTo begin, I would describe myself as all three of the things in the title of this post.  In the past I’ve struggled with weight and food cravings.  The main problem isn’t usually overeating if you have a sedentary lifestyle, but rather the fact that you aren’t moving, exercising, or eating as well as many oth

Hacking primal: How to not feel tired while reducing carbs

While I tend to focus on technology on this blog, I like to branch out a bit and give tips on improving health.  Computer geeks everywhere could most definitely use some healthy advice! I've posted a variety of articles on my low carb experience and losing 60 pounds over the course of 4-5 months, which you can view with the low carb tag of this blog.

Low carb day 90: 43 pounds lost and my favorite low carb foods

As I mentioned in my December 11 blog post about how I'd lost 30 pounds, I've been dropping weight.  Today (day 90) I'm down 43 pounds total.  I started out at 235 pounds and now sit at 192.  This is nearly the lightest I've been in 13 years (I got down to 190 in high school).  Other than that one time I've been heavier than this since I was about 12 or so.  I've never been able to get rid of the gut, which is now in my sights thanks to low carb.  And it all happened in just 3 months.

I started a low carb focused diet 42 days ago. I've lost 30 pounds (detailed analysis)

I'm not a fitness or health professional.  Growing up, I weighed 270lb at my maximum when I was 13 years old.  I implemented a slightly better diet with workouts and dropped to 195lb during high school.  That is my lowest weight.  I've come to realize that my ideal weight is somewhere around 190lb.  I'm 6'0" with a larger build.

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