jQuery's $.ajax and Cordova don't play well anymore

In updating my PhoneGap/Cordova app to the latest version, I came across the unpleasant surprise that the jQuery $.ajax function is no longer working.  I've made sure to whitelist domains properly and have done everything that I did when it was working, about a year and a half ago.  However, Cordova 2.6, jQuery Mobile 1.3, and jQuery 1.9 Ajax calls just don't work.  Especially on Windows Phone.  Maybe I'm just missing something, but breaking this functionality is frustrating.

Hacking Realtime Google Analytics for TV Display

EDIT 2/2/2012: Google likes to randomly change the CSS/page structure of the Realtime Analytics page.  You can always get the updated version at the demo page I have set up (since I use it for the TV display at work and fix it when it breaks).  It has changed twice so far since this post.

Disabling the backspace key on a page with jQuery

I had an issue with a multi-page form recently where Internet Explorer would go back a page immediately upon hitting the backspace key.  If you accidentally do this while not in a text field you'll lose your form data.  Other browsers actually ask you if you want to resend data when you go back.  The solution was to disable the backspace key on my form page.  I accomplished this with the following Javascript (requires jQuery):

Vilepickle's Weekly Link Digest 10/22/2010

This is something I'd like to do every week.  I see a lot of cool articles online and want to share them.  Some are nerdy, some are useful, and some are just cool.

JQuery Dropdown Menu Styling in Drupal

DrupalSN posted a nice guide to styling exposed View dropdown menus with a JQuery plugin and some stylish CSS.  The guide there worked perfectly except for the step where he hid the submit button.  I changed this:

.views-exposed-form label,
.jquery_dropdown_page .views-exposed-form .form-submit {
  display: none;

to this:

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