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Using SASS/Compass on Windows & Mac for CSS web design

If you're a CSS fan like I am, you've no doubt heard of CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS already. I see LESS mentioned more often outside of the Rails world, which really shouldn't be the case.  I feel like LESS has more overhead in the site/app itself, and is thus slower.

Demon Hunter tips for The Butcher on Inferno difficulty in Diablo 3

EDIT: As a followup, I've been able to kill The Butcher with only 9k life using glass cannon and stacking as much Attack Speed as I can.  It's a little RNG, but if you can get your Templar to tank him long enough (get him stam!) you can kill him very quickly. You need glass cannon for Act 2 onwards, otherwise you won't be able to kill the rest of Inferno. Unfortunately you have to time Smoke Screen with a few chains with this method, but he dies so fast it shouldn't be too bad.


Diablo 3 tip: Elective mode lets you assign any abilities to any slot

So I totally missed this until I was fighting Nightmare Mode Diablo.  And I feel dumb about it.  Since others will make this mistake since I did, you will want to turn elective mode on at some point while playing Diablo 3 so the game doesn't lock certain abilities in certain slots.  Elective mode lets you use any ability in any slot, broadening the possible ability combos you can equip.

Since this isn't painfully obvious (and it should be, since you need it), I hope you Diablo 3 players find this post.

Diablo 3 first impressions: level 1 - 20

I've been a Diablo fan for some time.  I enjoyed the first game but didn't play it a great deal.  Later, in 2000, Diablo 2 consumed me for months at a time when I was but a snot-nosed middle school student.  So Diablo 3 has finally arrived in 2012, 12 years later.  Does it live up to expectations?  So far: yes.

The end of a dry spell: a new Team Fortress 2 map

It's been almost two years since I released my last TF2 map called "Mercy" which was a small, experimental CTF map.  I've decided to go at it again and create something new: a Payload map.  I never really got into the game mode back when it was released and thus never mapped for it... until now.

Vesper's first beta is rather polished.  It's fully optimized, detailed (mostly), clipped and the layout is pretty close to what I think it'll be in the final versions.

Low carb day 154: 59 pounds lost and 10 inches off the waist

I've been on low carb for a little over 5 months now. I started out at 235lb and am now at 176lb. In total, I've lost 59 pounds. I started with around a 43-44 inch waist and I now have a 34 inch waist. Here are some of the ridiculous things I've done and eaten on this "diet" (I'd consider my plan a rough guide on what to eat rather than a strict plan):

Font sizing in CSS: em vs. px vs. rem

I've been looking for ways to simplify my CSS development constantly.  I recently made the switch to using Compass/SASS full time in all of my projects due to its simplicity and more importantly the fact that you can create a base template for all of the wild CSS3 effects that require 5 different lines for each browser.

Google blocks search keyword tracking for logged in users

Something I recently noticed in Google Analytics is that they show "(not provided)" for many search keywords these days.  They have recently started blocking search keyword tracking for individuals that are logged in to Google for "security reasons".  This block severely limits the usefulness of Analytics for search, as webmasters have no idea what 20% or more of their visitors are finding their site with.

Low carb day 90: 43 pounds lost and my favorite low carb foods

As I mentioned in my December 11 blog post about how I'd lost 30 pounds, I've been dropping weight.  Today (day 90) I'm down 43 pounds total.  I started out at 235 pounds and now sit at 192.  This is nearly the lightest I've been in 13 years (I got down to 190 in high school).  Other than that one time I've been heavier than this since I was about 12 or so.  I've never been able to get rid of the gut, which is now in my sights thanks to low carb.  And it all happened in just 3 months.

Reflections on My First (Real) Ruby on Rails App

I have completed my first real Ruby on Rails app and it's in production.  The app answers a problem I have at work: individuals ask me to format newsletter templates all the time and it breaks up my day too often.  It's called Newsletter Maker.

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