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Making Wordpress and Drupal configuration files easier for development and production environments

Simplifying Wordpress and Drupal configurationAt last year's Drupalcon in Denver there was an excellent session called Delivering Drupal.  It had to do with the oftentimes painful process of deploying a website to web servers.

Keeping healthy as a gamer, computer programmer, or someone with a desk job

Fatality is a noob for endorsing unhealthy foodsTo begin, I would describe myself as all three of the things in the title of this post.  In the past I’ve struggled with weight and food cravings.  The main problem isn’t usually overeating if you have a sedentary lifestyle, but rather the fact that you aren’t moving, exercising, or eating as well as many oth

VirtualBox and creating virtual servers for web development

If you've heard of VMWare and virtualization, you might be confused when you visit VMWare and see 100 different products offered.  I know I am.  If you're a web developer and want to easily cut through the noise, use VirtualBox by Oracle.  It's an open source alternative for virtualization and it does pretty much anything you need as a web developer that wants to spin up an environment for testing on your own computer.  It also works on both Windows and Mac computers.

New TF2 Map: Canalzone2

Dom_canalzone is one of the most unique TF2 maps out there.  With 8 points and lots of fast-paced action, there are a huge number of strategies that can be used on the map.  Some are effective, some are not.  Players got to try those strategies out in July when dom_canalzone was played in UGC's Highlander summer league.  At this point, dom_canalzone is four years old.  That's getting pretty crusty for a TF2 map.

What bread can you eat on a low carb diet?

Good question. Traditional bread can be around 15g of carbs or more per slice.

There are lots of alternatives to bread such as Flatout Light wraps that only have 6g of net carbs.  However, if you want real bread you're going to have to hunt.  If you're ok with ordering online, Julian Bakery specializes in low carb bread.  It's pretty good stuff at only 1g net carb a slice.  However, it's quite expensive.  Plus, you have to pay for shipping.

Hacking primal: How to not feel tired while reducing carbs

While I tend to focus on technology on this blog, I like to branch out a bit and give tips on improving health.  Computer geeks everywhere could most definitely use some healthy advice! I've posted a variety of articles on my low carb experience and losing 60 pounds over the course of 4-5 months, which you can view with the low carb tag of this blog.

Diablo 3 ideas: Improving the auction house

This is my first official post expressing my displeasure with an aspect of Diablo 3, though I have many gripes (especially as of 1.0.3 yesterday, which severely nerfed Demon Hunters and anyone using an item with Attack Speed on it).  Instead of wasting time complaining, though, I'd like to outline some things that Blizzard should do to improve on their Auction House experience.

What items sell in the Diablo 3 auction house?

EDIT 9/13/12: This post is largely outdated and wasn't meant for the latest version of Diablo 3.  There may be some good guidelines in it, though, so feel free to read.  A good tool to use for Android is the "Diablo 3 Auction Helper" app.

Diablo 3: The attack speed modifier on armor is not working correctly

As a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 I noticed that a lot of the legendary armor pieces have attack speed bonuses on them.  Thrilled to be able to increase my attack speed further, I bought a few of the cheaper items.

Right now, the non-legendary items with attack speed increases on them are:

  • Weapons (Bows, crossbows, 1-hand crossbows)
  • Rings
  • Amulets
  • Quivers
  • Gloves

With legendary items you can expand attack speed to these armor slots:

Beating the invisible snakes in Act 2 Inferno as a Demon Hunter

As a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, the invisible snake monsters in Act 2 Inferno are my worst enemy.  They seem to be tailored to kill Demon Hunters specifically. They use invisible/cloak and approach you while stealthed.  They only break stealth when they're close to your or your companion.  In Inferno difficulty, Demon Hunters get killed in 1 hit, so obviously this is a problem.

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