Facebook usability alert: people outside America don't understand the "interested in" phrase

Here's something Americans and (probably) most first world countries take for granted.  The phrase "interested in" is ambiguous.  To us, this is clearly a sexual interest, probably due to the evolution of that phrase in popular culture.  However, my co-worker Mark pointed out that most individuals in other countries don't know what this means.  In particular, many Africans do not understand this phrase and likely believe it means they are interested in both men and women as friends.  Here is what Facebook's profile selection looks like for this option:

Who are you interested in?

Now here's what most people from Africa look like:

It would be interesting to know if this confusion happens in other countries and not just ones in Africa, but my organization communicates with a lot of Africans on Facebook and they see this often.  It's curious that Facebook has not caught on to this phenomenon yet.  They might be wondering why there are so many bisexuals in Africa!  Regardless, the language should be changed to something more clear.